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Just a few meters from the church of Evangelistria!

Venus Hotel Tinos

Venus minimal hotel Tinos is located in a very central location in Chora of Tinos, just a few meters from the port and very close to the church of Evangelistria.

Chora Tinos

Find out more about Chora, the capital of the island of Tinos.
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Chora of Tinos is the beautiful capital of the island full of life, welcoming every year tourists from all over the world. As you enter the port of Tinos you can see the Chora from afar, with the big main road leading to the church of Evangelistria, which on the right side has a paved red carpet for pilgrims coming to the church.

To the left and right of the main street, there are narrow streets where you will find wonderful gift shops and of course many great restaurants, taverns, bars and traditional cafes. The nightlife is special in Chora of Tinos as it covers all tastes from relaxed bars to clubs. You will see many beautifully preserved buildings of unique architectural beauty, despite the fact that when you enter the port you will not immediately notice the traditional architecture as it hides behind the newer buildings on the face of the port.

The picturesque neighborhood of Pallada will win you over with its picturesque alleys, as well as the neighborhoods around the temples of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Eleftherios with their paved streets and mansions, as well as the district of Malamatenia.

In the center of Chora, Megalochari Avenue leads to the Evangelistria Church. Going uphill you will find the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Library and the Grove of the Sacred Foundation with the busts of great Tinian artists. Don’t forget to stroll through the walls of the ancient city behind the Church of Evangelistria.

Beaches near Chora include Kionia, Agios Fokas, Stavros, Agios Markos and Kalamia.

venus tinos hotel

Points of Interest in Chora of Tinos

  • Evangelistria Church

  • Foundation for Tinian Culture

  • Temple of Poseidon

  • Monument “Elli”

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Pasa Akrotiri

  • Agios Fokas beach

  • Kionia beach

Transportation on Tinos island

Ferry connection

The port of Tinos is easily accessible from Piraeus, Rafina and in summer and from Lavrio. You can travel comfortably from both Attica and Thessaloniki, while the connection of Tinos with the surrounding islands makes it an easily accessible destination even for tours to other beautiful islands of the Cyclades!

The trip from Piraeus to Tinos takes about 5 hours by conventional ferry boats and 3,5 hours by speed boat, while from Rafina takes 4 hours and 2 respectively. From Lavrio which operates the line only during the summer months, the trip is also 4 hours long.

The port of Tinos is one of the busiest ports in Greece because of summer tourism, alternative activities and archaeological and architectural interest, but also because of the religious tourism that characterizes the island.

Tinos is also connected via ferry lines with Syros, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Amorgos, Andros, Ios, Koufonissia and Mykonos! In short you can visit many beautiful islands of Cyclades starting from Tinos. If you want to visit Tinos during the summer months, be sure to book your room and your ferry tickets in time!

Road transportation

The transportations in Tinos are very well organized despite the fact that it is a fairly large island with many points of interest. There is a very consistent bus network so that you can visit the many beaches and the beautiful villages of Tinos, while in the months of increased tourism especially in August, there are extra buses.

At the same time there many agencies that offer similar services for more private and customized service of the visitors, especially the summer months where the demand is very high. With starting point the Chora of Tinos there is a connection with all the villages and all the beaches.

The road network is in very good condition and the signs are not missing for easier and safer driving if you prefer to rent a car to follow your own schedule. The picturesque villages will be unforgettable as well as traditional food and the picturesque cafes!

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